The all-in-one audiobook format that patrons love

Playaway offers an unplugged and uninterrupted listening experience with no distraction. It's the best way to listen to audiobooks on-the-go, in the car, unwinding and everywhere in between.

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97% of patrons likely to recommend Playaway "This is simply the best.

I listen to them when I workout or walk. No downloading, no transferring to an MP3, just plug in my headphones and go. Love it and will probably not use any other type of audiobook."

—Patron, Northwest Library (Oklahoma)

Patrons prefer Playaway

Simple to use

With Playaway, patrons simply press play. There is no personal device needed for use, no download or set-up time, no wi-fi required and no automatic expiration of titles.


Playaway's all-in-one design eliminates the need for carrying multiple CDs and cassettes. The device is compatible with most audio accessories, making it ideal for use wherever people want to listen, and with automatic bookmarking listeners will never lose their place.


Playaway delivers a continuous listening experience with no distraction from incoming calls, push notifications, viruses or online threats. Plus, listeners never have to spend time changing CDs/cassettes.

Playaway keeps people listening

Playaway delivers the portability of a digital audiobook with the grab-and-go convenience of a physical format. It's the only format that makes audiobooks accessible to everyone!

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Avid Readers

With features designed specifically for ease of mobility, Playaway lets people who love books take them wherever they are going. The format is ideal for use while walking, exercising, commuting, doing chores and travelling.

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Playaway delivers all of the benefits of being read aloud to in a simple-to-use player that is accessible even without the assistance of an adult. Playaways can be used alone or paired with print to improve literacy, comprehension and retention and instill confidence in struggling readers. And, the durable design makes the format perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

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Playaways offer pre-loaded content and a simple button design that make the format easy for anyone apprehensive about accessing mobile technology. Plus, the all-in-one design eliminates the need for Internet connectivity, content downloads, and personal media players — making it ideal for seniors.

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Visually Impaired

Playaways have been successfully integrated into public libraries and libraries for the blind as a powerful way to consume books. With tactile buttons and intuitive controls, the format is perfect for people with low vision, blindness or with physical handicaps that make it difficult to read a print page.

The best way to circulate audio

  • Durable, all-in-one format is easy to circulate with no additional pieces to manage, lose or damage
  • Physical format brings people into the library, boosting overall circulation
  • Circulation-friendly, orange packaging takes up less shelf space than CDs or cassettes
  • No additional device is needed, making Playaway accessible to all patrons
  • Portable device operates on a single AAA battery
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